7 Creative Ways of Getting Positive Customer Testimonials

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So, you have launched a new business and are looking forward to enjoying success beyond your wildest dreams. But deep in the back of your mind, you must know that it is going to be a legitimate struggle in order to achieve all of this.

Sure, the puzzle pieces seem to be in their right positions. You have an amazing product that works perfectly. Your sales team champing at the bit to start promoting your business. And on top of all of that you have an excellent website that puts forward your brand’s narrative beautifully. All that is required now are people who want to buy your product, otherwise known as customers.

This is where testimonials come in. They work as an endorsement for whatever it is that you are providing to people. They will have to come in the form of early adopters. How do you get people to provide you with testimonials after being your first customers? Here are 7 techniques for you to try:

7 Creative Ways of Getting Positive Customer Testimonials

  1. Give Free Things Away

A great way to attract those first few customers is to make special offers. This can come in the form of limited time discounts to anyone who is new to purchasing your product or services. All you need to do is ask them to give you a testimonial in return.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that you have a mobile app that has only recently been launched. A great way to get new customers is to offer a free trial period. And they just need to write a positive testimonial in exchange for this free trial period.

All the people who snapped the free trial up may be responsive to some follow up queries that you have. This can include asking them:

  • Did you have a good time using the app?
  • What helped you to choose the option of starting a free trial?
  • What are the valid reasons that you have for not choosing to upgrade to the full paid service?

These questions are for helping you to locate problems with your app and solve them in the future.

  1. Make it Worth It for Customers to Provide Reviews

One method there is for obtaining testimonials from customers is putting them is a draw to win something. The prize can be anything from a discount, voucher, coupon or free product. The varieties that are available for getting reviews are wide and varied. The only limit is your imagination.

If you have a customer loyalty system in place, it can be used to get customer testimonials. Perhaps writing a review will result in more points. Anything that can motivate your customers into taking the action of putting out their views on how much they love your service is a positive.

Giving customers extra perks, such as points, acts as incentive for engaging more with your brand. The end result of even more reviews creates a feedback loop of new customers coming and providing their reviews, attracting more customers, and so on.

  1. Embed a Testimonial Widget in your Site

If you want to make giving customer reviews as easy as possible for your customers, why not embed a testimonial widget into your website. You do this via a testimonial platform. They help in all kinds of ways. For one, it is possible to email your customer using the testimonial platform. The email will have a call-to-action asking them to provide a review. And it just requires for them to click, write, and hit send.

If you have a whole bunch of reviews on other platforms, like Amazon or LinkedIn, you can put them all together on your website by importing them.

  1. When a Transaction is a Success, Have a Review Prompt

The process of buying something online shouldn’t end without there being a page whose main purpose is confirmation. One great thing about this page is that it can be used for asking customers to provide feedback. This can be done using certain questioning tactics:

  • What can be done by us to make the experience more enjoyable?
  • Why did you choose us to shop at over one of our competitors?

These are great because they aren’t yes or no questions. It will make the customer open up and tell you things they wouldn’t tell you otherwise.

  1. Take Note of Unsolicited Reviews

You might already have reviews out there on the internet that you didn’t have to ask for. This could be on Facebook, Google, or a review site of some description. You can use Google Alerts in order to catch them. Whenever a term that is relevant to your business along with the word review is written, Google will send you an alert. When it is a positive review, it is a great idea to get in touch with the person that wrote it. Get their permission to include their testimonial in the relevant page on your website.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media

One of the top ten methods for attaining customer reviews is to use social networking platforms. Not only, you can increase your sales with social media techniques but also, it is the main hub for people, including your target audience, to socialise online. Interacting with your customers is easy, and they can interact with you too. This makes getting testimonials from them a very simple and easy process.

  • Facebook: There is a feature that Facebook has and it is the reviews tab. People are using it to write reviews for their favourite and least favourite companies, and everything in between.
  • LinkedIn: This is a great place to get good reviews in the form of endorsements and so forth.
  • YouTube: When a customer wants to talk about a product they like, some of them decide to make a video and upload it to YouTube.
  • Twitter: While there is no specific feature on twitter for customer reviews, that doesn’t mean that customers can’t provide positive feedback on it. And when they do, you can save the tweets in question and showcase them on your website.
  • Google Reviews: Google has its own review feature. You can find the positive reviews posted there and showcase them as well.

Why is it such a good idea to use external sources instead of having the reviews on your own website? One reason is because it will increase search engine traffic and customer reviews strategy can impact SEO.

  1. Word of Mouth Reviews

The best method for attaining new customers is word of mouth and the testimonial process is part of that. When actual customers give genuine reviews and endorsements in the form of testimonials, it is incredibly persuasive to people seeing your company for the first time.