Digital Marketing Core Principles Explained

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Before we can begin talking about the principles of digital marketing, we must be on the same page in our understanding of what digital marketing is. It is basically the intersection between two major components: Marketing psychology and digital technology. Gaining control and properly maintaining all the data that traverses this bridge is important for your business’s success. This goes hand in hand with creating an effective brand for your company. A business with a well thought and fleshed out brand that creates an emotional bond between itself and its target audience will flourish, while the others wither. Find out some basic digital marketing examples.

Plenty of people know how important digital marketing is. This is why they are keen on using its methods and techniques in the quest for making their company successful. But first they are going to require a deep knowledge of the working mechanisms behind it.

Here are the core principals of digital marketing that have to be understood in order to achieve greatness.

Study Your Competitors

When you dive into the research phase of your digital marketing campaign, don’t forget to keep your competitors in your sights. What are the less successful ones doing wrong? What are the more successful ones doing right? You can gain a serious insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Establish a Connection with Customers that Keeps them Coming Back

Once someone purchases a product or service from you, you definitely want them coming back. The good thing is this: Getting a first time customer to become a repeat customer takes a lot less effort than getting someone to be a first time customer.

existing customer

The analogy of dating can be used here to illustrate the point clearly. You will pay more in the initial stages of the relationship, and spend less once an emotional connection has been established. You once had to impress the prospective partner with expensive dinners that cost hundreds. After both parties realise that they like each other a lot, a lot less effort and money will be required in order to maintain interest. So never under-estimate the importance of existing customers, as they can spend just as much as new-comers. But with less time and effort put in by you in order to do so!

Make Good Content

The internet is bursting at the seams with a seemingly infinite amount of content. And, as we all know, a massive majority of it is very bad indeed. If you want to make your efforts in digital marketing successful in their implementation, your point of difference should be content of a higher calibre than is the norm. You want people to look out over the sea of garbage content out there and see an island of high quality in the form of your content. If it doesn’t do this, your content will simply be passed over, as it blends into the background noise of low quality trash.

Be Flexible or Be Broken

The realm of digital existence is anything but static, and is always in a state of continual flux. The change is so constant that it is easy for anyone to be left behind if they take their eyes off the prize even for a moment. Be thoroughly dedicated to upskilling, learning new trends, trying new techniques and methods at the drop of a hat.

You will need to budget your time accordingly. Have at least five to ten percent of your time allotted toward the task of performing research in this area. Even if you don’t want to simply copy current trends, knowing what they are or will help in creating your own unique ones. In fact, this is the best road to travel as customers have been acclimatised to spotting rip-offs over many years of media and marketing saturation.

Cultivate Feelings with your Brand to Connect Emotionally With Customers

When customers decide to choose a product from a specific brand, they are motivated by feelings, not facts. All one has to do is look at the organic food industry and how booming it is. Organic food is any better for us on the planet than other food. It is merely over-priced food. And the extra money being spent is going toward the emotional connections that one has with this particular gimmick. Look also at all advertising that uses appeals to emotions with celebrity endorsements and so forth.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

There is genius in simplicity. You don’t want to over-complicate things when putting across your message via the digital marketing conduit. If we had a dime for every digital marketing campaign showing an excess of potential we’ve seen crash and burn due to being too convoluted. We’d have thousands of dimes. The over-arching message has to be stream-lined and lean, so that it is easily digestible. This is how you can ensure that people will vibe with it.

Pay Attention to your Contact Detail Visibility

contact information

When someone visits your website. There is an extremely high chance that they have one thing in mind: Getting your contact info. It is very important that it is easily located and has everything, including email address, physical location, phone and cell-phone number, and so forth. Link your social media accounts on the website, it will help too.

Know your Target Market

Not knowing what your customer’s needs, wants, motivations and desires are will leave you on a very bad footing. You won’t know how to market to them properly. Or, you will lack the ability to speak to them on a fundamental level. You have to understand them intimately, and that way you will find communicating to them far easier.

Be Aesthetically Pleasing

People are shallow. This can be seen in every aspect of popular culture and inter-personal relationships. Studies show that jurors will be more likely to think an attractive defendant on trial innocent than one that is considered unattractive. Famous pop stars conform to normal beauty standards ninety-nine percent of the time. So it comes as no surprise that a company with an unattractive brand and design will attract less customers.

Follow these digital marketing principles and get your campaign successful. Most of companies who don’t have a dedicated digital marketing team or an individual will perhaps need some help to build the effective marketing strategy. Share your business details with us using our project planner section and we will show you how we can make your brand successful.



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