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Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?

A1dezine Ltd | August 23, 2019 | SEO | one response

In today’s digital world, every business needs a website to build a solid online presence. When you have a well-functional website, it helps people know about your services, products and more. This is particularly helpful for small business owners to grow their business. With an effective website performance and online presence, they are able to gain customers interest from all over the world.

But in today’s competitive marketplace, it is not easy to get a smooth flow of traffic on your website. However, traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. You can find a number of similar websites competing to gather a large market share. In order to deal with this cut-throat competitive business, you need to know how to improve the visibility of your site. That way you can increase the number of customers for your business and gradually generate higher sales and revenue.

Website Performance issues

So, why your website is not getting enough traffic?

First of all, you need to have a website that is well-designed. It must have all of the important functionalities that works best for your business. In addition to this, your website must be SEO optimised with effective email marketing as well as social media presence. Another very important aspect is publishing regular content on your site.

This is possible when you follow a lot of stringent guidelines and regulations. It will help in keeping your site rank higher on various search engine platforms. So, the search bots and other organisations can start gathering information from your site. After this it will be easily visible to your customers and they will be able to find you.

Here are a few guidelines that you should always follow to attract traffic to your site:

Use structured data and schemas

When you use structured data (or, say, schemas) on your online platform, it will help search engines to collect information from your website. The service bots will use this information to have a better understanding about your services and other offerings. Make sure to carefully structure all of the data on your site. It includes your services, products, blog articles, events, reviews and much more. The structured schema on your online platform must explain every aspect of your services and what they are designed for.

To check the website performance, when you visit your website’s Webmaster Panel, find Structured Data Markup Helper and follow the instructions based on niche of your business.

Add optimised images/photos

Make sure your website has good-optimised images/photos. They must be added in the right format and with all the relevant information. Always include the main photo on your page in the headers. That way any social network engine can easily extract the vital data on your website in the best possible way.

Adding a nice code to your site

You should add a well-developed code to your site. This will make it easy for the search engines to extract useful information from your online platform in a quick and simple way. Also, you should use the fastest server, website hosting service so you can easily respond to any query of the search engines.

Use Mobile/Tablet Friendly Web Designs

Today, people are turning towards their smartphones to access internet and get any information online. Make sure your website function smoothly on all types of smart devices. You should focus at making it more mobile-friendly and responsive to your customer needs.

Consider using premium quality and responsive web designs that can increase the loading speed of your website. There is no fun of having a website, if your customers are not able to properly view or get information about your services and products on their mobile devices. 

Choose right keywords for SEO

It is very important to do a better keywords research for better search engine optimisation. Also make sure to know how using relevant keywords will benefit you. First of all, create a list of keywords you need to improve your site visibility on various search engines. Make sure to confine your list to only 15-20 phrases that you can easily remember.

Don’t forget to check if any of your competitors are using the same keywords. Remember, if a keyword is highly competitive you will need to do more work to keep your website rank higher on search engines. In that case make sure to post informative and relevant content every week on your website. For this you should better hire a professional content creator who can create more effective content against your competitors.

Always make sure to find out how much traffic your site is getting from the chosen keywords. Check the monthly reports on your website performance and then compare them to your competitors. It will help you to understand your competitors and their strategy. Accordingly, you can frame better strategies to accomplish your website goals.

Use SEO and Marketing Company

Another easy and affordable way to get your business rank higher on search engine is to use search engine optimisation. Make sure to select a well-versed and professional SEO company. They will make sure that you get excellent results on your website performance. Just make sure to do a thorough research about their business and achievements. A good SEO company can also help you in successfully marketing your services and products. But you should have a good idea how exactly you want to advertise your products. Make sure to do a little bit of research to know an effective marketing strategy that works within your budget.

Integrate social media on your website

Using social media is really helpful to drive traffic to your website. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any money to leverage the power of social media to grow your business. Create an effective social media campaign and it will give you instant and effective results. For instance, you can create informative articles about the launch of your new product or service. Then, add a link to your article in your social media website so your visitors can click on it and learn more. You don’t have to post the entire article just select the best part of your article. You can use recognised platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They work as effective tools for advertising products and services.

Summing Up

There are a number of other rules that you can use to get a well-optimised and functional site. But the most important thing here is to select a highly experienced web design and development company. They must be able to use the best of their abilities to provide you the desired results. It is easily possible when a web design company master their skills to build a beautiful and functional site. Check the reviews from previous clients on their site. Once it is done you should focus at creating great content to put on your site. This will be really helpful to grab your customer’s attention.

Furthermore, you should learn the basics of handling a business website. Make sure to learn how to use better keywords, Meta descriptions, title and handling back-end administration. Don’t forget about the most important part of keeping your site up to date. Learn about great tools/ways that can help you update your website at least one time in a week to increase the website performance. Also remember to know about your online competitors and learn as much as you can about their strategies or plans.

One response to “Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website?”

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